Please, read carefully before you send an e-mail:

Since the beginning of this project I have been receiving a lot of e-mail, most of which was either irrelevant, or meaningless, or offensive, or clearly demonstrated that the authors did not understand the purpose of this site.

With all due respect, I have no time to answer all the questions that I find in my mailbox. I put a lot of effort to constructing a compact site that would contain possibly the broadest, most accurate and comprehensive overview of the naval warfare from antiquity to present day. I also welcome contribution from groups and individuals, who are interested in the same subject. Please, take your time to read the articles, download them for further use, and check occasionally for new materials. Most likely the answers are already there or will be there soon. But I am not going to waste my time to spare yours.

I certainly do my own research, but I do it in my spare time and according to my own schedule. Unless I know the answer or can fit your questions in my schedule, I will not be able to oblige. Please, note that I DO NOT:

  • fondle anybody's nationalistic schizophrenia or treat inferiority complexes,

  • conduct custom scientific research or archive search; I have the same sources of information as you: archives, libraries, book shops, Internet and pure luck,

  • search for books, recordings or documents, or advise where they can be found; all I can offer is some links to few on-line libraries.
  • search for missing persons, veterans or authors,

  • sell or buy books, recordings or artefacts,

  • write or evaluate reports,

  • rate or evaluate home pages,

  • teach History, IT or Web design.
All this does not mean that I hate you. I just like to have a life and wish you the same.